Plant Head

Full Time
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– Schedule, plan and monitor entire cycle of production which would include procurement of raw materials till the dispatch
of finished goods
– Plan production meetings, production activities, worker schedules, machine maintenance schedules etc
– Maintains budgets
– Responsible for plant production goals
– Monitoring and oversee entire production plant
– Ensure safety standards are being maintained and that workers are abiding workplace safety rules
– Reduce setup times and lead times.
– Cost reduction
– Eliminate disruptions.
– Make the system flexible.
– Minimize inventory.
– Eliminate waste
– Standardization of operations to attain line balancing.
– Devise and responsible for Machine layout and the multi function worker for the flexible work force concept.
– Produce products in Minimum lot sizes (small lot sizes) to minimize the variance in the consumption of various
quantities of raw materials, parts, sub-assemblies in the production system. That is to maintain a constant rate of
– Plan filling for the day and capitalize on cycle time
– Maintenance of all the machines.
– Follow up for indent from sales and admin and feeding same to production plan
– To ensure strict adherence to quality for inward and outward materials
– Ensure availability of spares and utility. Maintain regular preventive maintenance
– Ensure implementation of laws pertaining to labor
– Maintain proper production records such as logbooks, machinery wise repair cost etc.
– Identify and develop new techniques for production and machinery available.
– Achieve efficiency in power and fuel consumption


– Ensure that the product is meeting the level of quality demanded
– Must investigate the root cause if quality is not met and procure a solution
– Ensure new policies and programs are being followed
– Inspection of finished product
– Evaluate quality of delivered commodities; investigate complaints received on supplies and equipment, and takes appropriate actions to resolve identified problems
– Quantity control, which enables the system to adapt to daily and monthly fluctuations in demand in terms of quantities and variety.
– Capitalize on the quality assurance by preventing recurrence of defective works and machines
– Prepare, obtain approval, issue and implement company quality control (assurance) program manual
– To determine the causes of the product defects that maybe found
– Ensure adequate corrective measures are implemented in case of non compliance
– Recommend methods for minimizing scrap and materials during the production process
– Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures


– Setting QA compliance objectives and ensuring that targets are achieved
– To assure that the raw materials procured for production process are as per the quality standards
– Assessing the product specification of the company and its suppliers and comparing with customer requirements as  given by the sales team
– Working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers


– To establish testing procedures to determine products dimensions
– To inspect and test products at various stages of the production process
– To assure that the production process is adhering to the quality procedures and standards and the finished products are as per the required quality
– Act as liaison with regulatory agencies, contractors, subcontractors and/or internal departments on quality related matters as required


– Collecting and analyzing performance data and charts against defined parameters
– Providing with technical and management system reports
– Manages the development and analysis of statistical data and specifications to determine present standards and
establish proposed quality and reliability expectancy
– Monitoring performance of the all products by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports
– Preparation of material balance, recovery statement from time to time or achieving time recovery efficiency
– Development of category process protocol , design and modifications


– Responsible for establishing all shift production schedules
– Select and train plant supervisory and administrative staff.
– Schedule and conduct plant meetings.
– Foster a well-trained and motivated staff
– Capitalizing on worker strength.


– Provide daily feedback to HO regarding status of stocks of raw material, packaging material, materials in the process finished products.
– Ensure and drive that production schedule & dispatch of finished goods are as per timeline. Dispatch coordination with sales and admin.
– Should deal with officials and statutory agencies.
– Coordination with various contractors


– Manages the operations of an assigned production area to ensure that volume, cost, and quality standards are achieved.
– Full responsibility and control over the plant operations including engineering, output, personnel, logistics and other commercial activities.
– Responsible for Plants operating budget including managing and controlling expenditures and variances.
– Ensures plant staff enforces Company policies and procedures including plant-wide safety rules and employee rules-of- conduct.
– Ensure that quality standards and deadlines are met and quality controls are in place.

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